Boston Dynamics Held An Insane Robot Dance Party


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockDec 31 2020, 11:17 UTC

Atlas the robot was featured strutting its stuff. Boston Dynamics CC BY 4.0

Have you ever seen a robot strut its funky stuff? If you haven’t, boy have we got good news for you – Boston Dynamics just held a robot dance party and the robots have moves.

In a recent video posted to YouTube and Twitter to celebrate the new year, the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot is seen jamming to “Do You Love Me” by The Contours before it is joined by another Atlas, their trusty sidekick Spot the robot dog and eventually a Handle robot to create the most surreal but amazing dance party.


Watch the video below to feel the good vibes and admire the robots’ incredible engineering.


It's good to see somebody enjoying a New Year party, even if it's a tad surreal. Credit: Boston Dynamics

As you can see, the robots move in an almost scarily lifelike way. In fact, the moves are so impressive that some users have taken to Twitter to claim the whole video is CGI. However, with the recent advances Boston Dynamics has made in robotics, it is pretty clear the movements are legit.


Believe it or not, the Atlas robot can do quite a bit more than slay the dance floor. Aiming to "push the limits of whole-body mobility," Atlas is designed to mimic a human’s agility and balance as a humanoid robot. From humble beginnings when Atlas could barely walk, the robot is now capable of carrying objects, jumping, and even doing parkour.

With watchers already commenting on the video cheering them up after a rough year, Atlas, Spot, and friends' antics are lifting peoples' moods all around the globe. Yet as well as being a fun little event to finish off the year, the dance party also affirms that robotics have come a long way in the past few years. 

It definitely gives a new meaning to the dance floor classic, "the robot".