Stranded Great White Shark In Cape Cod Rescued By Beachgoers

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1118 Stranded Great White Shark In Cape Cod Rescued By Beachgoers
Animal rescuer throws water on the beached shark as onlooking beachgoers watch. Mike Bartel/YouTube.

The risk of being attacked by a shark has fallen significantly since the 1950s. And it's becoming increasingly evident that often, it’s our shark friends that need a little help.

Beachgoers on Cape Cod, Massachusetts were on hand to do exactly that when a two meter (7 ft) great white shark found itself run aground earlier this week as seen in the video below.


The helpless juvenile shark struggles for some time as onlookers watch. Animal rescuers soon arrive on the scene, throwing buckets of water on the shark as it appears to be immobile and dehydrated, but it quickly revives to cheers from the gathering audience.

The shark is then dragged back to sea via boat. Though this action looks harmful, the shark is perfectly safe. The animal is then checked over for any injuries before being released back into the sea.

It is actually more common for whales to become beached than sharks. However, there is no common reason why sharks do become stranded on beaches. According to Surfing Life TV, this particular shark was led astray while it was attempting to catch seagulls.

The video was uploaded by Mike Bartel this week (July 13), who said, “Thanks to the harbor master and beach-goers, this shark was saved.”


Check out the footage below.




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