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Conspiracy Theorists Have Spotted Something Odd In The Gobi Desert


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockAug 13 2018, 19:37 UTC

An abandoned structure in the Gobi desert. Google Earth

Several reports are going around that there are multiple mysterious bases in the Gobi desert. By mysterious we mean they are abandoned and in the desert, which means they must, of course, be the result of some shady conspiracy theory. The source is a video from conspiracy channel thirdphaseofmoon.

The video is careful not to make any definitive claims and instead just suggest ideas. So what’s the harm in that? It’s a way to teach conspiracy theories, which is definitely not good in the age of lies being legitimized and reputable sources being labeled as fake news. So if you present claims as reasonable explanations, including saying that these could be planes from missing airliners, you better have some backing.


The first structure is composed of two X-shaped tarmac strips next to abandoned buildings. It's actually pretty weird looking, I'll give them that. There are also figure-8 shapes both on the tarmac and outside. Bizarre.

“What I think we've just found right here at thirdphaseofmoon, for the first time being revealed, is some kind of secret space program that is being hidden in the Gobi Desert in an abandoned airport of some sort,” the author states in the video. “We claim no knowledge of exactly what this location is, we just think it's very strange to be in the middle of the desert there and in this abandoned city left to ruins. What happened to all the people?”

Other abandoned structures in the Gobi desert. Google Earth

The landing strip is only 5 kilometers (roughly 3 miles) from the closest town, an agricultural center, and 60 kilometers (38 miles) from the major city of the region known as Hami or Kumul. Roughly 580,000 people live there. The abandoned industrial complex seems to have experienced a major fire, but a few of the buildings that remain seem fairly new.

This is not the only structure in the Gobi desert. A second one, dubbed by the channel as Area 51 for China, is described as Stonehenge-like and with three airplanes surrounded by structures organized in a radial fashion. Nearby, there are other artificial structures: two abandoned landing strips and two rectangular areas, one of which is organized in a curious geometric pattern.


“Does the Chinese government know what's going on here? Is there a reason behind it?” the video asks. “Maybe the Chinese government needs to explain this!”

Well, good luck with that. I’m pretty sure China has plenty of military secrets, but I don’t think they will issue an official response to this video.

The video also states that the structure is between Kathmandu and Mongolia, which are separated by a distance of 2,671 kilometers (1,659 miles). This is slightly more than the distance between Los Angeles and Houston, Texas. Boy, imagine if there were abandoned military installations between California and Texas.

Even more abandoned structures in the Gobi desert. Google Earth

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