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A Gravitational Wave Announcement Will Be Made Later Today


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockSep 27 2017, 13:10 UTC

Artist impression of black holes colliding and emitting gravitational waves. LIGO

Later today, scientists will make a new announcement regarding the latest in gravitational wave science. There are no details at this point on what kind of object has been detected but all will be revealed during a live webcast from Turin, Italy at 6:30pm CEST local time (12:30pm EDT).

The presentation is part of the G7 meeting for science ministers that is being held September 28-29 in Italy and will see the Virgo collaboration and the LIGO scientific collaboration discussing the latest run of observations, focusing in particular on the observation made on August 14.


LIGO consist of two sophisticated detectors and the collaboration is responsible for the three detections of gravitational waves discovered so far. In the latest run, it has been aided by Virgo, bringing the total number of detectors to three.

You can watch the announcement live on the Virgo website or check back here later where we'll have the live stream embedded. 

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