5 Science Facts Jurrassic World Totally Ignored


Danielle Andrew

Editorial Intern

738 5 Science Facts Jurrassic World Totally Ignored
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Jurassic World came roaring into our cinemas recently, grabbing a lot of attention and generating a lot of media hype. Many fans were and are excited about a new take on the classic Jurassic Park, curious to see how the directors would put a fresh spin on the cult film.

Sadly, the physical and historical inaccuracies in the new film have also generated a lot of attention.


"The original movies brought the dinosaur research of the 1980s to 1990s viewers," paleontologist Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., of the University of Maryland in College Park told National Geographic. "And the latest one seems to bring the dinosaur research of the 1980s to the 2010s viewers."

"Yes, we know 'it's only a movie,' " Holtz says. "But Jurassic Park has a cachet that it borrows from science that is a lot different from Land of the Lost or Godzilla."

As more fossils are discovered, we get a better and more accurate understanding of how dinosaurs looked, when they lived, how they lived, and their diet. Some felt that Jurassic World should keep up with new discoveries and understanding and update their story accordingly.

It appears fans have been generally supportive of the choice the film makers made, with the movie smashing the roof off the box office. However, more diehard dino fans felt that the movies should at least try to keep up with the science.


Director Colin Trevorrow has hit back at criticism, stating “I think one reason people attach Jurassic Park  to science is that Steven Spielberg was so successful in taking a sci-fi idea and presenting it like it was real,” he said.

“But what you were being told was the same as someone telling you how time travel works. It doesn’t actually work.” Also quoted as saying they were trying to create continuity from the previous film, that they were aware there was inaccuracies but kept dinos looking the same intentionally.

So, with these two views in mind, what were the most important things Jurassic World got wrong? Take a look at this short video by Business Insider explaining where the creators took some artistic liberties.