What's The Deadliest Plant On Earth?


Danielle Andrew

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2447 What's The Deadliest Plant On Earth?

From a young age we’re warned not to eat random berries and fruits we may come across. 

But did you know that some of the most lethal plants are commonly used as ornament plants in homes around the world?


The rosary pea for example, is 75 times more deadly than ricin – BUT, if you ingest the whole seed, it will pass through your body in a harmless manner, as it has an extremely tough outer coating.

And speaking of ricin, castor plants (which contain ricin in their beans) can be bought at nearly any florist or home decoration store as they’re commonly displayed as an ornament plant ... despite being classed as the most poisonous plant in the world in 2007.


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The common castor oil plant is extremely poisonous. Shutterstock/Wasanaja

So if you're interested in what other innocent looking plants could kill you in a matter of days, take a look at Matthew Santoro’s video of 10 Most Deadly Plants.