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Why Does New York Have The Best Bagels?

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Morenike Adebayo

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43 Why Does New York Have The Best Bagels?
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New York bagels have often been slated as the holy grail of bagel perfection and the best that money can buy. Apparently, this legendary standard cannot be replicated outside of the five boroughs and this was always thought to be because of the use of good ol’ NYC tap water.

Well, myth no more as YouTube User Reactions from the American Chemical Society (ACS) debunks this theory of what makes the New York creation the delectable delight it is in the video below.


With the help of researchers, they found that the water of New York actually plays a relatively small part in making this breakfast treat so tasty. The not-so-secret recipe to New York City’s bagel bakes is that the dough is proofed in the fridge for two days before being flash boiled and baked to perfection.



Video Credit: ACSReactions


The secret's out, New York City bagels can be made anywhere in the world. Get baking!


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