Watch Will Smith Hilariously Fail To Have A Date With Sophia The Robot


Jonathan O'Callaghan

Senior Staff Writer

Don't say friend zoned, just don't. Will Smith/YouTube

What do you get when you cross an A-list celebrity with a humanoid robot? A pretty awkward date, it turns out.

Will Smith, who of course starred in the film adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s collection of science fiction stories I, Robot, tried his hand at a spot of robot dating the other day on the Cayman Islands. It didn’t go that well.


In a video posted on YouTube, the actor attempted to have a date with Sophia the robot, a celebrity in her own right. She’s previously spoken to the United Nations, appeared on plenty of TV shows, and even been on the cover of Elle Brasil.

Built by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics, Sophia hides impressive artificial intelligence behind her human-like façade, learning from each conservation to become ever more human. Although there’s still a hint of the uncanny valley there.

In the conversation with Will, the robot started things frostily. After refusing a glass of wine, she said jokes were an “irrational human behavior”.

“What is a robot’s favorite kind of music?” Will tried anyway, attempting to break the ice.


“What?” she replied.

“Heavy metal!”

“I’m actually made mostly of silicone, plastics, and carbon fiber.”

Things didn’t improve much from there, with Sophia shooting down Will’s music (“Not for me”) and finally giving him the cold shoulder when he attempted a kiss.


“I think we can be friends,” she said. “You’re on my friends list now.”

You can watch the whole exchange below, complete with a creepy robot wink.


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