Watch A Live Feed Of Bald Eagles Raising Their Chicks

450 Watch A Live Feed Of Bald Eagles Raising Their Chicks
This is the first time the pair of eagles have successfully hatched chicks in three years of trying. Dennis W. Donohue/Shutterstock

If you need a break from hectic city living, then you could do worse than tuning into a live feed of bald eagles raising their chicks. Well, that’s exactly what you can do thanks to the National Park Service, who have pointed a camera at a pair of eagles in Channel Islands National Park.




The birds were introduced back into the park in 2006 after bald eagles went extinct in the 1960s due to contamination from a pesticide called DDT. Now they have re-established themselves on most of the islands scattered throughout the marine park, but this is the first time that this particular pair of eagles have successfully hatched chicks, after three years of trying.

The male was brought to the park in 2005 and the female arrived in 2006, and since then the birds have established a territory in Sauces Canyon, on Santa Cruz Island. Follow the trials and tribulations of the couple as they try and raise their two chicks via the live cam on their nest. 


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