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Watch A Colorblind Man See The World In Color For The First Time

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Morenike Adebayo

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1445 Watch A Colorblind Man See The World In Color For The First Time
"Is this purple? What the f**k!?" Ethan Scott experiencing the world through his EnChroma glasses. EZwithETHAN/YouTube.

Colorblindness affects about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women across the globe. It’s often misconstrued as being the total absence of color, whereas there is actually a spectrum of colorblindness, ranging from the inability to see red, green and blue light to extremely rare cases in which people can’t see color at all.

As Ethan Scott, a man with colorblindness, explains in the video below: “It doesn’t mean I see things in black and white. It just means that I see things in a way that are a little bit more dull than usual.”


Scott was the unsuspecting receiver of a pair of EnChroma glasses. These glasses contain lenses that correct and adjust for colorblindness by blocking out certain parts of the color spectrum.

Scott’s reaction is seriously heartwarming, as you can see from the video below. The glasses look like regular, everyday sunglasses so it takes him a few moments to register the difference in his vision. He then walks around the office space flabbergasted and touching leaves of a plant and other random objects, as if experiencing them for the first time.




[H/T: mental_floss]


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