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TWIS: People Are Less Satisfied In Marriage If Their Partner Has Social Anhedonia, A Supermassive Black Hole Is Shooting Straight At Us, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.


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Eleanor Higgs

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This week, we look at the impact of social anhedonia on marriages, a galaxy has been completely reclassified after a major change and prehistoric artwork depicts a deity with enormous eyes and a wide grin.

People Are Less Satisfied With Their Marriage If Their Partner Has Social Anhedonia

Married people tend to be less satisfied in their relationship when one partner has social anhedonia, a trait that causes someone to take less pleasure in social interactions. This mismatch between spouses also tends to lead to more destructive communication, according to a recent study. Read the full story here


Galaxy Gets Reclassified Now Its Supermassive Black Hole Is Shooting Straight At Us

Astronomers had to reclassify a galaxy this week because something almost unique happened at its center. Its active supermassive black hole has a jet, and it is no longer pointing in the same direction it used to. It is now pointing at us, after a major change. Read the full story here

Smiling Bug-Eyed God Seen In Unparalleled Prehistoric Cave Engravings

Some time between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago, prehistoric shepherds in Catalonia covered the walls of a remote cave in doodles depicting their vision of the cosmos. Announcing the discovery of these ancient sketches, researchers say the artwork is unmatched by anything in the archaeological records and appears to be composed around some sort of deity with enormous eyes and a wide grin. Read the full story here

Botox Injections In Forehead Can Change How Brains Process Emotions

Recent research into the “facial feedback hypothesis” using Botox injections to the forehead has found that the injections can change the way the brain interprets and processes other people’s emotions. This may mean people's ability to understand the expression of emotions is temporarily impaired due to disruption to neuromuscular feedback. Read the full story here

Ancient Marsupial Sabertooth Had Teeth So Big Its Eyes Were Sticking Out Of Its Head

A “marsupial sabertooth” roamed the jungles of South America until its extinction 3 million years ago. Thought to have weighed 100 kilograms (220 pounds), this creature had all the hallmarks of a successful ambush predator except for a deviation in one key feature: Despite its huge teeth, its eyes were positioned on the side of its head like a prey species rather than facing forward like a typical apex predator. Read the full story here


Feature of the week: 

Klerksdorp Spheres: Strange Spheres Found In 3 Billion-Year-Old Rock

Klerksdorp spheres, found inside pyrophyllite deposits mined in South Africa, are weird. Looking like tiny ancient cricket balls, with seam-like lines around their middle, it's easy to see why they became the subject of conspiracy theories involving aliens and ancient, forgotten civilizations. Read the full story here


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