TWIS: Google Has Had About Enough Of Our Stupid Questions, We Finally Have An Excuse For Those Post-Revision Naps, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.


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clockAug 12 2022, 11:13 UTC
This Week In Science!
All the biggest science news stories of the week. Image credit: Edited by IFLScience.

This week, Google plans to shut off our supply of ridiculous answers to asinine questions, we look at some pained expressions carved into reliefs, and we finally find out if our showers should be boiling hot, icy cold, or somewhere between.



Google Is About To Stop Answering Your Stupid Questions

In a long blog post, Google has announced that it is about to stop answering your stupid questions. Surprisingly, the more you look into it, the more it sounds like a pretty good idea. Read the full story here


Fifth State Of Matter Used To Create Never-Before-Achieved Quantum Simulation


Researchers have created a peculiar new quantum simulation, involving Bose-Einstein condensates – often referred to as the fifth state of matter. Studying the intricate quantum properties of solid materials by mimicking them in a much simpler way, researchers have been able to use one to create a gauge theory for the first time. Read the full story here


We Finally Know Why Thinking Too Hard Makes You Tired

Have you ever been tired out by an exam? Not a physical one – we all know how exhausted a long day studying can make us, even if we don’t move an inch. A new study, published in the journal Current Biology, shows the phenomenon isn’t all in your head. Well, it is, but – oh, you know what we mean. Read the full story here



Giant Stone Reliefs Show Ancient Olmec Leaders In Trance-Like State Roaring Like Jaguars

Carved reliefs depicting two fierce-faced rulers from the Olmec civilization have been found by a team of archaeologists. They believe that the characters’ pained expressions show a pair of leaders in a trance-like state, roaring like a jaguar, in the midst of a “contortionist” ritual designed to induce black-outs. Read the full story here



Star Wreck Is An Unexpected Source Of the Most Extreme Cosmic Rays

There are cosmic rays bombarding our planet constantly with a wide range of energies. Occasionally, there are some with incredible energy, released by catastrophic explosions or interactions in the universe, such as supernovae. New research suggests that even the material left over by a supernova can release these cosmic rays, long after the explosion. Read the full story here


Feature of the week:


Which Is Healthier: Hot Showers, Or Cold Ones?

Sorry, but you’re probably showering wrong. It turns out hot and cold showers have very different effects on the body – and there is a better way to do it. Read the full story here

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