TWIS: Cannabis Turns A Man’s Fingers Blue, A 66-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Is Discovered, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.


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This Week In Science!
All the biggest science news stories of the week. Image credit: Edited by IFLScience

This week, cannabis arteritis causes necrosis of the fingers, the majestic “sea cow” is declared functionally extinct in China, and we find out the truth behind Netflix hit The Sandman. 



Man's Digits Turn Blue Due To Rare Side Effect Of Heavy Cannabis Use 

Doctors have reported the case of a man whose fingers turned blue following a history of heavy cannabis use. His condition, cannabis arteritis, is a very rare but sometimes serious side-effect of heavy consumption of the drug. Read the full story here 

JWST Detects “Unequivocal” Carbon Dioxide In An Exoplanet’s Atmosphere For First Time 

JWST has now delivered incredible exoplanet science that many astronomers have been waiting for. The space telescope has detected the first "unequivocal" carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of a distant world – the first-ever undisputable detection like it. Read the full story here 


Newly-Discovered Cretaceous Mega Predator Comes With Free Existential Crisis 

It was the size of a killer whale, with the mouth and teeth to match; it had a tail similar to that of a shark, and a body like a Komodo dragon. It sounds like a ferocious chimera from myths of old – and in a way, it is. But in a much more scientifically accurate and awesome way, it’s actually a newly discovered sea monster from 66 million years ago – and it’s called Thalassotitan atroxRead the full story here 

11,000-Year-Old Ceremonial Mounds Are Oldest Known Human-Made Structures In North America  

Two six-meter (20-foot) high mounds on the campus of Louisiana State University are the oldest human-made structures ever discovered in North America, according to new research. Using radiocarbon dating, the study authors determined that construction of the mounds began around 11,000 years and was completed over several millennia. Read the full story here 


Dugong "Sea Cows" That Inspired Mermaid Myth Have Been Declared Extinct In China 

Dugongs are now functionally extinct in China, following no sightings of the ocean’s beloved “sea cow” grazers since 2008. Vulnerable to fishing, ship-strike, and habitat loss in the region, these gentle giants reportedly began losing the battle against these threats rapidly after the 1970s when their numbers plummeted. Read the full story here 

Feature of the week: 

The Strange Sleeping Epidemic In "The Sandman" Was A Real-Life Event 


"They would be conscious and aware – yet not fully awake; they would sit motionless and speechless all day in their chairs,” Encephalitis lethargica, the real-life ‘sleeping sickness’ that’s straight out of a fantasy thriller. Read the full story here 

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