Trump's Tweets Reveal He Is An "Emotionally Unstable Innovator," According To Study


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

We're just reporting the results of a study. Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock

Finally, the Tweeter-in-Chief has had his tweets analyzed in an academic study. There’s plenty to choose from, of course – especially over the last six months, which has featured roughly 1,000 tweets and absolutely zero pieces of legislation.

An international research team, led by the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, decided to scour through the President’s online rantings and ponderings – along with 106 “superstar” business leaders – and using cutting-edge computational methods that pick up on common phrases and linguistic traits, they gave them all personalities.


The aim of the research was to see if “the entrepreneurial society” means that “entrepreneurial personalities are becoming increasingly widespread and powerful in political leadership.”

Donald Trump, as it turns out, is an “emotionally unstable innovator”. It’s actually quite difficult to disagree with this assessment. The first two words are, some would say, a little understated.


“Innovator” may seem like a bit of a stretch, but then again, he is the man who invented “covfefe”, the greatest mystery of our time. He is also noticeably adept at using Twitter to spread what he calls Fake News, but which in this case is normally just factual information he disapproves of.


According to the researchers, Trump’s tweets clearly show that he has a greater “Schumpeterian personality” than many of his fellow entrepreneurs. Named after the Austrian-born American political scientist, this unusual-sounding term describes people that are highly competitive, very creative, and very frequently break the rules.


Fair enough, that sounds like the President – but something’s missing. “However,” the researchers add in their study, “he is also comparatively high in Neuroticism.”


Ah, there it is. Neuroticism, one of the Big Five personality traits, describes a long-term tendency to remain in a stress-addled, angry-infused, somewhat lonely emotional state of being.

A quick browse through Trump’s tweets – rallying against individuals (MSNBC news anchors, for example), entire organizations (The New York Times), entire countries (Germany), and the entire planet (all the signatories of the Paris agreement) – admittedly makes it difficult to disagree with the assessment that the President strongly exhibits neuroticism.

The study also notes that Trump’s neuroticism score is higher than 93.4 percent of all the other entrepreneurs analyzed for the research.


Explaining their findings in the journal Small Business Economics, the pair of researchers also go through Trump’s other personality traits, or lack thereof, as suggested by his tweets. As it turns out, he is not particularly “reliable”, he is (perhaps surprisingly) not “extraverted”, he is definitely not “agreeable”, and he’s not really what you’d call a “workhorse” type.

The tweets also suggest that the President is not “at ease with others in social situations”, is fairly “cold”, and is incredibly “insecure”.


We’ll leave these study conclusions here without comment.


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