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Tour Every Known Galaxy In The Universe

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clockMar 12 2014, 16:24 UTC
416 Tour Every Known Galaxy In The Universe

“There are, in fact, 100 billion galaxies, each of which contains something like 100 billion stars. Think of how many stars and planets and kinds of life there may be in this vast and awesome Universe.” -Carl Sagan

Will Parr, Mark Swinkbank, and Peder Norberg from Durham University have constructed a 3D tour that lets you see what every galaxy in the Universe would look like if you were to fly through on an imaginary spaceship. 


The team obtained information from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey to create the video. Though the galaxies themselves has been enlarged in order to see the details more clearly, the distances and placement of the galaxies are correct to scale.

You'll definitely want to go full screen on this one!

Fly through of the GAMA Galaxy Catalogue from ICRAR on Vimeo.

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