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clockJan 17 2023, 10:53 UTC
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Today's top stories: February 3, 2023

Only Filmed Interview With Creator Of Big Bang Theory Rediscovered After 60 Years

Increased Rocket Launches Could Undo The Ozone Layer's Recovery

Scientists Have Discovered A New Type Of Ice, And It's A Mess

Jupiter Officially Has 12 New Moons 

Today's top stories: February 2, 2023

Women's Recollection Of Sexual Assault Not Impaired By Moderate Alcohol Consumption 

Mastodon Speared By Bone Shows Humans Were Hunting Megafauna 13,900 Years Ago 

Ancient Egyptian Recipes For Embalming Specific Body Parts Revealed By Mummification Workshop 

World's Oldest Fossil Vertebrate Brain Found In A 319 Million-Year-Old Fish

Today's top stories: February 1, 2023

Most Accurate Map Of All The Matter In The Universe Revealed

Murdered Maya Woman's Remains Suggest Elite Females May Have Been Warriors 

Ancient Shipwreck Reveals Unprecedented Glimpse Into Medieval Royal Luxury 

"Sea Crocodiles" On Jurassic Coast And Moroccan Cave Roof Point To Triassic Origins 

Today's top stories: January 31, 2023

"Necropants" Made Of Human Skin Were Once Rumored To Make You Rich

What’s Inside Mount Rushmore’s Secret Chamber?

Autistic People May Feel Pain More Strongly Than Neurotypicals, Study Finds

Why Were 8 Million Dog Mummies Buried Within The Catacombs Of Anubis?  

Today's top stories: January 30, 2023

Scientists Were Studying Life On A New Island, Then It Disappeared 

Denisovans Were Better At Smelling Dessert Than Humans, Study Finds

Rare Discovery Of Roman Dodecahedron Fragment Adds To Archaeological Mystery 

Why Are Scientists Dying The Ocean Pink In California? 

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