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Time Lapse Shows Stunning Skies in America’s Heartland

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289 Time Lapse Shows Stunning Skies in America’s Heartland
Randy Halverson

South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah combined still have fewer people than Louisiana, the 25th most populated state. If you think the sparse population means that these are just boring flyover states, you might want to think again. Photographer and filmmaker Randy Halverson put together a nearly five minute long video showing time lapses of the sky that most Americans do not get a chance to see due to extensive light pollution. 

Over the course of eight months in 2013, Halverson traveled to these three states in order to film Huelux. The title comes from hue, meaning color, and lux, meaning light. In the video you will see intense storms rolling in, the Milky Way, the Aurora Borealis, and much more. Airplanes and satellites are visible trekking across the night sky. Meteors make brief appearances, though they are typically too quick to be seen very long on the time lapse.


Halverson blended the amazing view of the sky with the landscape, giving a beautifully accurate shot of what these locations look like. These images of the sky are so crisp and clear, it almost doesn’t look real if you are used to living in an urban area with lots of city lights. If this film doesn’t make you wish a rolling blackout would hit your city, I don’t know what will. 

Note: This video is 4:52 in length, but there is a 10 minute version of Huelux available on his website.

Another note: Definitely go full screen to watch this.


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