Thousands Sign Up For Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt Offering $1 Million Reward


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Buckle up your bootstraps and stretch out your hacking fingers. A new digital-meets-physical-world international scavenger hunt is offering up a prize of $1 million in Bitcoin to the winners.

Satoshi’s Treasure pairs logic with more traditional scavenger hunt practices in both the digital and real worlds. First reported by cryptocurrency news site CoinDesk, the hunt consists of a Bitcoin wallet divided into 1,000 “key” fragments. To move funds, scavengers must collect and unravel clues in any way, shape, or form they see fit – including selling tips and leads.


“A lot of people have joked we’re doing the Bitcoin version of Ready Player One,” the game’s co-creator Eric Meltzer told CoinDesk. “The game is going to have a leaderboard to show which teams have the most keys.”

At a most recent count, more than 60,000 players have signed up for the mailing list to receive hints. A group of “veteran crypto investors” donated an undisclosed amount of bitcoin in order to fund similar games in the future.

"There are so many unknowns in this game that we kind of just want to see what happens," Meltzer, founding partner of crypto investment firm Primitive Ventures, told Business Insider. "Part of the metagame that I think people are going to like is trying to figure out who is behind this."


CoinDesk notes that the game has united digital hunters from around the world with veteran crypto investors who have agreed to put in an undisclosed amount of funds for future games, including Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Mark Pincus, Andrew Lee, IDEO CoLabs Ventures, Nic Carter, Matt Walsh, Meltem Demirors, Li Xiaolai, Jehan Chu, and Sam Engelbardt.


Just last weekend, Meltzer’s team announced another facet to the game: clues passed around in the form of cryptic images, among other things, printed on physical business cards distributed at New York’s Magical Crypto Conference.

“Mini-hunts” have been announced on Satoshi’s Treasure Twitter feed with prizes of $500 in Bitcoin. Meltzer says his team eventually plans to develop an app to allow players to keep better track of clues and to serve as a platform for building sponsorship and other collaborative deals.

[H/T: CoinDesk]


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