This Year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Are Looking Hilarious Already


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Senior Journalist

Cartoon or real-life? Comedy Wildlife Photographs Awards/Rio Claro

Get ready to see Mother Nature at her most absurd and least majestic: The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is back for the third year running.

They’ve just announced the doors are open for budding entrants. Alongside that, they have released a set of images of the funniest photographs so far. The last two years have seen some hilarious photographs come their way and this year looks as ridiculous as ever.


This year, there are six categories: The Creatures of the Land Category, the Kenya Airways Creatures in the Air Category, the One Vision Imaging Junior Category, the Amazing Internet Portfolio Category, the Underwater Category, and the Alex Walker Serian’s Video Clip Category. That’s right, there’s a video category this year.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have once again buddied up with the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity dedicated to wildlife welfare and conservation. They also partake in animal rescues and phasing out animal captivity. You can also donate to the charity right here.

The deadline for entries is September 30, 2017. So get snapping and click here to enter.

That’s enough talking for now. Check out some of their incredible early entries below. 

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Andrey Giljov


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Tibor Kercz


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Yamamoto Tsuneo


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/George Cathcart


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Andres Vejar


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Roie Galitz


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