This Site Helps You Delete Your Accounts And Disappear From The Internet



If you feel the need to wipe the slate clean and cleanse your Internet presence, then look no further. A Swedish site is offering to help you delete your online footprint with a simple click of a button. 

The site, called, was developed by Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck. All it requires is that you sign into your Google account, and the service will then gather all the accounts you have created into one place and provide delete links for each account.


“Basically the only thing you're telling us is what accounts you want to delete,” clarifies their website.

If you're worried about security, the site claims that “privacy and data security is something we regard as extremely important." The site only uses Google OAuth protocol, which means it doesn't have access to your login information, just the accounts you use.

At this stage, it appears still has limited functionality as it only works for accounts linked to your Google account. Also, in some cases, traces of your online presence will still be available. For instance, images of you on a friend’s Facebook page will remain.

However, if you do need a break, be careful what you wish for: This site is not meant to “press pause” so much as “click and forever delete.”


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