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This Is The Age You'll Enjoy The Best Sex Of Your Life


Dami Olonisakin

Editorial Assistant

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Sex is probably one of the most enjoyable things couples experience together. The touching, the rubbing, you’re learning about each other’s bodies nonstop, it’s exciting and always leaves you wanting more.

You’d also expect your 20s to be the time when you experience an orgasm like no other. However, this might be untrue. According to Happify, those in their 50s and 60s admitted that they had the best sex of their lives in their 40s, particularly at age 46.  


So just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it does. The researchers also noted that the best way to keep a healthy sexual connection with your partner is to have sex at least once a week. They found that couples who are intimate once a week are usually the happiest.

To find this out, the team asked married couples to double the amount of sex they usually had for 3 months. But by the end of this period, the couples didn't report any change in happiness levels, showing that perhaps sex more than once a week just equals a lot of burned calories, not a more gleeful spirit. The researchers suggest that this is due to more sex actually decreasing sexual enjoyment and reducing sexual desire. 

Unsurprisingly, the results also showed that more sexually satisfied women are usually happier. And they should be, especially since sex comes with several advantages, such as reduced blood pressure and lower stress levels.

study released earlier this year investigated sexual satisfaction in women, focusing on how easily they can achieve that big O. The research involved 1,055 American women aged 18-94 who completed a survey about the sexual acts they enjoyed the most.


Only 18.4 percent of women said intercourse was enough for their sexual experience to result in climax. Meanwhile, 36.6 percent of women needed clitoral stimulation, and another 36 percent said that while clitoral play was not essential, it did make their orgasms more enjoyable. 

Well, there you have it, if your 46th birthday is coming soon you might be in for a pretty great surprise, as you might just experience the best sex of your life. 


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