This Haunting Video Is The Only Genuine Footage Of The Titanic Before And After It Sank


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockMay 6 2021, 16:39 UTC

Documental picture of the Titanic. Image Credit: Anton_Ivanov /

Representing likely the most infamous maritime disaster in history, the sinking of the Titanic has been captured in media for decades. Perhaps surprisingly, though, is how little genuine footage there is of the iconic vessel around the time of its’ departure. In fact, there is just one set of genuine film footage from the day of the Titanic’s voyage, as well as footage of the vessel that went and searched for the dead after it sank, and it has been uploaded to YouTube for all to see. 

Watch the footage above. Video Credit: British Pathé/YouTube


The footage is owned by British Pathé, a producer of newsreels throughout the 20th Century. Spanning across multiple scenes of the Titanic before and after it sank, the newsreel documents the search for survivors and the dead. Seen stationary as it billows out smoke, the first shots depict the Titanic as it leaves Belfast lough for Southampton, before cutting to shots of icebergs around the scene of the disaster, and then some Titanic crew members and survivors explaining how they saved the others from drowning. 

It is an incredible glimpse into a disaster over 100 years old, and the only remaining view of the Titanic before its’ final journey.