These Were The Most Googled Things Of 2022

From the invasion of Ukraine to the death of Queen Elizabeth, 2022 has undoubtedly been a busy year.


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A magnifying glass on a computer screen showing Google.

This is what the world was Googling in 2022. Image credit: Proxima Studio/

As 2022 starts to conclude its final chapter, Google Trends has revealed the past 12 month's most searched terms globally, providing an interesting snapshot of this strange, surreal, and action-packed year.

Both in the US and globally, the most searched term on Google in 2022 was “Wordle”, that daily online word game that millions of people became hooked on in late 2021 and through the following year. 


The following most searched terms globally were:

  1. Wordle
  2. India vs England 
  3. Ukraine
  4. Queen Elizabeth
  5. Ind vs SA 
  6. World Cup 
  7. India vs West Indies
  8. iPhone 14
  9. Jeffrey Dahmer 
  10. Indian Premier League

Looking only at the US, many of the top 10 most searched terms could be seen again, albeit with less interest in Indian sport:

  1. Wordle
  2. Election results 
  3. Betty White 
  4. Queen Elizabeth
  5. Bob Saget 
  6. Ukraine 
  7. Mega Millions
  8. Powerball numbers
  9. Anne Heche 
  10. Jeffrey Dahmer

As for the world’s top 10 searched names of 2022, this unlikely combination of people ruled the roost:

  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Will Smith
  3. Amber Heard 
  4. Vladimir Putin 
  5. Chris Rock
  6. Novak Djokovic 
  7. Anna Sorokin (Delvey)
  8. Andrew Tate 
  9. Rishi Sunak 
  10. Simon Leviev 

The top 10 TV shows that had the world talking in 2022 were: 

  1. Euphoria
  2. House of the Dragon 
  3. Moon Knight 
  4. The Watcher 
  5. Inventing Anna
  6. Dahmer
  7. The Boys
  8. All of Us Are Dead 
  9. Sandman 
  10. Heartstopper

As for movies, it was: 

  1. Thor: Love and Thunder 
  2. Black Adam
  3. Top Gun: Maverick
  4. The Batman
  5. Encanto
  6. Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva
  7. Jurassic World Dominion
  8. K.G.F: Chapter 2
  9. Uncharted
  10. Morbius


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