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Amazing Space-Themed Gifts For The Science Geek In Your Life This Christmas


Jonathan O'Callaghan

Senior Staff Writer

Christmas is almost here, and if you've ever wanted some awesome space-themed gifts, now's your chance.

Over at the IFLScience store, we've got discounts of more than 50 percent on select products.


From jewelry to wall art, there's a whole host of stuff on offer, and it's not all space related. We've got all your science needs catered for, whatever you're after.

But here, we're going to run through some of the best space gifts on offer. There's something for pretty much everybody.


Interchangeable Solar System Necklace With 10 Designs (32% off, was $44, now $30)


This lovely pendant contains a set of 10 magnetic Solar System designs including the eight major planets of the Solar System, the Moon, and the Sun.

Each pendant measures an inch across, and they connect with a strong magnet so they won’t fall out. 


Interchangeable Nebula Necklace With 10 Designs (32% off, was $44, now $30)


This nebula features 10 different nebula designs including the Crab Nebula, Horse Nebula, and Trifid Nebula.

Like the one above, the individual segments are magnetic and easily switched out. 


Silver Star Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Pendant (30% off, was $84.99 now $59.50)


This pendant contains a chunk of actual meteorite inside it, from the Camp del Cielo group of iron meteorites found in Argentina.


Sterling Silver Lunar Meteorite Dust Pendant (20% off, was $80, now $64)

This pendant contains 10 milligrams of actual lunar dust, for the Moon fans among you.




Meteorite Orbit Pendant (20% off, was $245, now $196)

This handcrafted pendant is made of sterling silver, and it's a rather impressive gift for any ardent space fans.


It contains a genuine Gibeon meteorite, which fell to Earth in Namibia in prehistoric times. Patterns on the meteorite are the result of cooling in outer space over billions of years.


Sterling Silver Moon Phase Dangling Earrings (20% off, was $72, now $57.50)

These elegant dangle earrings feature the phases of our Moon.


They are 0.925 sterling silver, and each holds four dangling eight-millimeter silver bezels.

They hang approximately three inches below your ear. A portion of proceeds is donated to The Planetary Society.


Moon Phase Necklace (20% off, was $35, now $28)


This moon phase necklace comes in an antique silver and features five phases of the Moon, from crescent to full, showing different features on the lunar surface.


Moon Phase Bracelet With 7 Images (30% off, was $59, now $41.50)

This bracelet depicts seven lunar phrases from crescent to full, and will look great on the wrist of any space lover.


Solar System Necklace (20% off, was $49, now $39)

This antique brass tone necklace has seven two-sided worlds of the Solar System, with their gorgeous design revealing their unique appearances.


Pocket Watch Necklace (20% off, was $56, now $45)


This impressive silver tone pocket watch necklace features an image of the Dumbell Nebula. It also clicks open, and you can place a photo of your own choosing inside.

The pocket watch runs on a regular watch battery that’s included, which is also changeable.


Paris At Night Scarf (20% off, was $65, now $52)


If you've ever wanted an awesome bit of space clothing, this should fit the bill. The scarf contains an image of Paris as seen from space, perfect to show off your love of space on a cold day. 


Rocketship earrings (50% off, was $25, now $12.50)

You might not be able to go to Mars just yet, but you can get the next best thing with these retro rocket-designed earrings.





Telescope pendant (50% off, was $20, now $10)

If you're after a space-themed necklace, look no further than this telescope pendant.





Black hole galaxy framed print (31% off, was $75, now $52)

Need a print for your wall? We've got you covered.


This 16 x 12 inches print, in a 20 x 16 inches frame, shows a distant galaxy with a supermassive black hole at its center (its bright because there's superheated material around it).



Personalized Map Of The Stars (30% off, was $99, now $69)

This one is really quite awesome. Plug in a location and the time of day, such as your place of birth, and we'll make you a personalized map of the stars on that day.


You can add a personal message too, and a caption underneath. The picture includes labels for the stars and planets visible in the night sky on that day.




Planet Bracelet With Eight Planet Images (30% off, was $64, now $45)


This gorgeous bracelet depicts the eight planets (sorry Pluto) in our Solar System, from Mercury to Neptune.



Mint Stars Galaxy Classic Mug (25% off, was $18, now $13.50)

What better way to dring your brew that out of a cosmic mug?





Hubble Nebula Tote (21% off, was $19, now $15)

You'll need a bag to put all those space gifts in.


And this one will do the trick. It's 100 percent polyester, and features an image of the Small Megallenic Cloud – one of our nearby galactic neighbors – taken by the Hubble telescope.





Crab Nebula Pocket Square (20% off, was $22, now $17.50)

Here's something to spice up your suit.

This silk twill pocket square shows an image of the Crab Nebula taken by NASA's Hubble telescope.

There's also a matching bow tie available.



 Milky Way Cufflinks And Tie Pin Set (20% off, was $44, now $35)

This pair of silver-tone cufflinks and a tie pin include a picture of the Milky Way.

Perfect for that next wedding or important business meeting.




I Am Starstuff Silver Necklace (20% off, was $200, now $160)

This necklace is a tribute to the late astronomer Carl Sagan's famous quote.

The phrase "I am star stuff" is written in amino acid code on the choker-style necklace.



Aurora Borealis Ring (10% off, was $165, now $148.50)

This gorgeous handmade ring includes an image of the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis.

The ring is made of grey-blue resin, and the base is made of Sapele wood.

As the rings are handmade it takes about two weeks to make them, so make sure you don't leave this one until the last minute.



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