Teen’s Gaping Mouth Sets Jaw-Dropping World Record

Dentists everywhere must be rubbing their hands.


Charlie Haigh

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clockNov 29 2022, 16:17 UTC
Person with world's largest mouth fitting an entire apple in his mouth.

This is only slightly terrifying. Image credit: Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Record for the largest mouth gape has been awarded to USA teen Isaac Johnson. Receiving the prestigious accolade in February of this year on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy, the 17-year-old’s impressive cakehole measures a whopping 10.196 centimeters (4.014 inches).

In a tumultuous tug-of-war for the title, the then 14-year-old Johnson was first recognized in April 2019, when his gape measured 9.34 centimeters (3.67 inches). However, just seven months later in November of the same year, Johnson’s title was snatched by Phillip Angus, a fellow USA resident with a 9.52-centimeter (3.75-inch) gape.


As Johnson grew, so did his mouth – and by October 2020, he had managed to claw back the title from Angus with his gape now measuring the same size as a baseball.

Extending his mouth by just 0.021 centimeters (0.008 inches) two years later, Johnson was able to smash his own record in 2022. Flexing his jaw muscles in a TikTok video, he manages to fit an entire apple in his mouth with room to spare! In addition to this, his legendary mouth is said to be able to fit his own fist, a full-sized orange, and four stacked McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

With an average human mouth gape ranging between 5 and 6 centimeters (1.9-2.3 inches) for males, how is it that Johnson and past record holders are able to double that average?

Much like snakes, humans are also incapable of unhinging their jaws. An individual’s mouth gape is dependent on both the structure of their skull and the soft tissue restrictions around the mouth. There are, however, some exercises that can loosen jaw muscles and slightly widen the gape, but these tend to only be recommended to people experiencing restricted jaw mobility.


A person’s natural mouth gape cannot be significantly widened without surgery, so despite Johnson saying of his feat "anybody can be amazing and everyone has a talent," maybe don’t bother coming for his title.

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