Tik Tok Users Just Learned About The "Hidden" Feature In Toasters, Get Absolutely Toasted On Facebook


Inventors, bless them, are constantly coming out with new inventions. If today's story is anything to go on, they'd be far better off putting their fancy new flying cars on hold and simply forcing everyone to learn how to use the inventions we already have.

A video of a toaster has been widely shared on Tik Tok recently (we know, sounds like a thrilling platform) because it drew attention to a "hidden" feature. 


In the video, thebigcleanco simply asks: "When did you last clean out your toaster tray"? Most of the replies are all along the lines of "...there's a toaster tray?"

This is somewhat concerning, as the toaster tray is there to prevent all the crumbs at the bottom of your toaster from catching on fire. We're going to put this one down to demographics, with most Tik Tok folk being fairly young. 

When an article on the topic by the Daily Mirror was shared on Facebook, people were much more aware of the "hidden" tray, asking "sorry but have you lived under a rock your whole life," adding "there's a hidden compartment between our ears which once engaged can also help solve a plethora of issues" and "whoever didn’t know this shouldn’t be allowed to use a toaster considering they couldn’t understand nor comprehend the instruction manual in which it clearly always states what this tray is for!"

Though, to be fair, I'd argue that sitting down and reading a manual for a toaster is also something no person should be doing.

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The older audience on Facebook were less than forgiving of younger toaster users.

"Oh FFS," one user wrote. "I thought they had some sort of panic room where bread could go if it was feeling threatened?! Everyone knows about that tray, it's a sunbed for cockroaches right?"

"There's also a 'hidden' thing on the end of the elec cable," one sarcastic chap added somewhat passive-aggressively. "It's called a plug, once plugged in... its sooo amazing... so surprising."

"Personally im more amazed people didnt know there was a tray.....most even have very obvious handle shapes," wrote one slightly melodramatic post. "The more I live in this world the more baffled I get at how others somehow get through life not knowing really basic things."
Us? We're just happy Tik Tokkers are no longer at risk from dying in a crumb fire.

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