Anonymous Hacks Far Right Websites Revealing Millions Of Personal Details

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Web hosting company Epik has been targeted by hacking collective Anonymous in two major attacks. Operation EPIK FAIL and EPIK FAIL the b sides. The company host far-right social media website such as Gab, Parler, TheDonald and the hack has exposed names, physical addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, emails, and more of 15 million people.

The first leak happened on September 13 and the second was reported last night, and both have been covered in detail by independent journalist Steven Monacelli and Mikael Thalen for the Daily Dot. The data was apparently stored without encryption and these hacks allowed everyone to have access to the personal information of the entire US Far Right and beyond. These include Qanon groups, Proud Boys, and outspoken transphobes, as well as those with links to the January 6 attempted coup in the US. 


In an almost four-hour-long Q&A Epik CEO Rob Monster addressed the hack in a certain peculiar way. He broke out in prayers, tried to vanquish demons, and claimed that the hard drives containing the hacked data had curses placed on them. This might seem silly but would you use cyber security when you have access to curses?

The hack was performed by a team known as “Hackers on Estradiol.” Estradiol is a hormone used as a medication by trans women and menopausal women. And it looks like these ladies are only getting started.

[H/T: The Daily Dot]


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