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Step Into Pluto Time With This NASA App

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Morenike Adebayo

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695 Step Into Pluto Time With This NASA App
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

There are never enough hours in the day, but imagine if your day were six times longer than it is now. This would be the case if you were living on Pluto, where it takes the dwarf planet about 248 years to orbit the Sun and each day is 153 hours long.

Circling an average of 5.9 billion kilometers (3.6 billion miles) around the Sun, Pluto is certainly putting in the effort compared with Earth, which only has to do an average of 940 million kilometers (500 million miles) every 365 days. And being approximately 40 times further away from the Sun than the Earth is, you would think that it would be chilly and dark on the surface of Pluto. But we can’t know for sure, right?


Well, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will hopefully give us our first real glimpse of the dwarf planet and its moons next month. And thanks to a smart online calculator from NASA, you can experience exactly what Pluto would be like and the time of day it would be from your location on Earth.

Find out your Pluto time using NASA’s online calculator, snap a photo (especially awesome if you’re in front of a recognizable landmark) and share your photos online using the hashtag #PlutoTime.


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