Scientist Trains AI To Create Brilliantly Ludicrous “Sexy” Halloween Costume Ideas


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I'm a sexy cat, duh. Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Ah Halloween, the holiday that seems to inspire love and loathing in equal measures. Is it really a holiday? What are we celebrating? And what does a sexy nurse have to do with anything?

The mind boggles at what some people think constitutes a Halloween costume. Ideally, since it’s All Hallows' Eve, the night of the year when the veil between the worlds of the dead and the living is supposedly at its thinnest, the theme is meant to be scary. Zombies, creepy clowns, werewolves, and creatures of the night make sense. French maid outfits, on the other hand, are really just for those looking for an excuse to wear a French maid outfit. Guys, you don’t need to wait for Halloween for that.


To highlight the ludicrousness of some Halloween costumes, especially their “sexy” component, researcher Janelle Shane decided to invent a neural network that could create completely original costume ideas.

By feeding 4,500 Halloween outfits garnered from asking the Internet (always risky), the artificial intelligence then had to work out how to use those words to come up with new ideas.

Like any good AI story where they try and get imaginative, it went a little wrong at first. After all, Shane didn’t actually teach it to be creative, she programmed it to learn patterns, so it created names based on the most common words it came across, which were, essentially, “sexy”.


Behold Sexy Pot, Sexy Cot, Sexy sexy Dombie Sexy Cat, and The Ran Spean Sexy Sexy Pon Sexy Dander. These are, of course, meaningless, but when you submit costumes to an AI that include things like Sexy Dumbledore, Sexy poop emoji, and a very strange Sexy anglerfish, what do you expect?


The AI also took a liking to a strong shark theme, producing inspiring outfits ideas such as Starfleet shark, the shark knight, Shark princess, and the classic monster mash-up, Shark Cow (a SyFy movie waiting to happen).

However, given time, it seemed to find its groove offering a wealth of, well, definitely original ideas, that got progressively stranger. Here are some of our favorites. 

Punk Tree

Disco Monster


Space Batman

Professor Panda

Potato Man

Lady Garbage


Samurai Angel

Statue of pizza

Count Drunk Doll of Princess

Gandalf the Good Witch


Statue of the Spice of the Underworker

Celery Blue Frankenstein

The Game of Nightmare Lightbare

The Rocky Monster


So come one, when it comes to Halloween, don't go down the tried and tested boring costume route. Try and be original, and if not, here's the full list for next year.


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