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First Meteor Shower Of The Year Peaks This Weekend

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Lisa Winter

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428 First Meteor Shower Of The Year Peaks This Weekend

Get ready, skywatchers! The first meteor shower of 2015 is about to peak! The Quadrantids meteor shower has been visible since the 1st and will run through the 5th, but the best time to view will be overnight on the 3rd, into the pre-dawn hours of the 4th. There will be roughly 80 meteors per hour during the peak. Bundle up, grab some friends, and head outside to check out the show!

The meteors of the Quadrantids are leftover remnants of the extinct Comet 2003 EH1, which made its closest approach with Earth this past March. The meteors will appear to be originating in the northern sky from the Boötes. However, the meteors should be visible throughout the sky.


Unfortunately, the meteor shower will be competing with light from the moon, which will be full on 5th. This will wash out many of the meteors that will occur, though the brightest ones should be visible.

If you aren't able to head outside to check out the meteor shower this weekend, be sure to check out the live webcast from the Slooh Community, which will be discussing the sights and sounds of the shower. The live feed will begin on Sunday, January 4th at 11:00 pm EST. The feed will be available on Slooh's website, and you will also be able to tune in right here on IFLScience.

Though this is the first meteor shower of the year, it's going to be the last one for the next few months. The next meteor shower will be the Lyrids Meteor Shower at the end of April. However, there are a number of other great skywatching opportunities before then, including a total solar eclipse. Be sure to check out IFLScience's Sky Watching Event Guide for 2015 to make sure you don't miss out on any of the great celestial events this year.


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