Pornhub's Data Shows Something Hilarious Is Happening During The World Cup


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People are really, REALLY into football this year (a bit too much, you could argue)Max Sky/Shutterstock

England’s dream of football “coming home” was dashed on Wednesday night by some athletic Croatians coming from behind and snatching the much-hyped semi. Terrible puns and sports aside, what else can we learn from the football World Cup about the strange recesses of human behavior?

PornHub is back sharing its seemingly endless treasure trove of fresh data, this time looking at the bizarre masturbatory habits and Internet traffic during the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018, hosted this year by Russia. After all, there’s no rawer insight into humanity than statistics about competition, pornography, and the use of the greatest communication tool ever created.


Worldwide, it appears that people are really, really into football this year (a bit too much, you could argue). When the tournament kicked off on June 14, PornHub experienced an influx of users searching football and soccer.

PornHub Insights

However, while some countries were distracted by novelty soccer-themed pornography, others were focused on the task at hand. PornHub measured the average drop in traffic during each country's match in the qualifying round. By this measure, Senegal was the most soccer-obsessed country as PornHub traffic fell by a massive 47 percent while their team was playing. They were closely followed by Iran, Iceland, Croatia, Morocco, Argentina, Portugal, and Belgium.

By comparison, Australia, Russia, Costa Rica, France, and England appear remarkably unfazed by their World Cup exploits, with only a minor decrease (5 percent to 13 percent) in traffic during their matches.

PornHub Insights

The knockout stage paints a slightly different picture. The Uruguay versus Portugal match saw the biggest drop in traffic on the site, with a massive 61 percent decline in Uruguay and 43 percent decline in Portugal. Perhaps that was the secret to Uruguay’s victory?


This drop in traffic was closely followed by the France versus Argentina game (down 35 percent and 36 percent, respectively), Spain versus Russia (26 percent and 17 percent), Croatia versus Denmark (39 percent and 36 percent), and Brazil versus Mexico (33 percent and 12 percent).

PornHub Insights

So it appears football (soccer) fans are invested in their country's standing long enough to set aside other interests for the two-hour duration of a match but pick right back up again afterward. Football really is coming home.

The data-loving people at PornHub regularly treat their loyal users to these kinds of insights, such as behavioral patterns and traffic during the recent Royal Wedding or the most searched for terms that occurred on May 4 (these are the searches you're looking for).

One of the more astute insights provided by PornHub was what happened to their traffic right after the 2017 August solar eclipse. Hey, whatever floats your boat.


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