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Plasma Fire Tornado Appears On The Sun

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Caroline Reid

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2300 Plasma Fire Tornado Appears On The Sun
Screenshot from solar tornado YouTube video. NASA/SDO.

A video has just been released that shows an epic, fiery tornado. But unlike the whiskey-fueled firenado that raged on in Kentucky last week, this firenado is on the Sun. That's right, the Sun. 

It was made from swirling matter on the surface of the Sun and its interactions with powerful solar magnetic forces. Over a span of 40 hours, the tornado formed as ionized particles were tugged and pulled into a whirling tornado structure. The temperature of this blistering feature was a scorching 3 million degrees Celsius (5 million degrees fahrenheit). 


The image was taken using a variety of instruments that look at a wide range of wavelengths. Each color represents a different wavelength, making the Sun's dynamic surface appear especially vivid.

You can watch the epic video here.



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