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Watch Today's Solar Eclipse LIVE From Your Computer


Danielle Andrew

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2348 Watch Today's Solar Eclipse LIVE From Your Computer
Hinode's view of the eclipse on Jan. 4, 2011. Image Credit: NASA/Hinode/XRT

September is a special month for eclipses, and Slooh Community Observatory are looking to bring you all the action right to your screens at home. During the month, certain parts of the world will be privy to a partial solar eclipse, as well as a rare total lunar eclipse.

As the partial eclipse will only be visible over a small part of the Earth, Slooh will be broadcasting the event as it happens on September 12th at 9:30 PM PDT / 12:30 AM EDT / 04:30 UTC, hosting the first of the live broadcasts from South Africa. During the event, Astronomer Bob Berman will be talking about how eclipses happen and the various different types of eclipses that occur. Solar researcher Dr. Lucie Green will also be on hand to discuss how solar scientists use these eclipses to learn more about how our star functions.


The second of the two events has been dubbed a “Mega Harvest Moon Eclipse,” a rare happening when the moon makes its closest approach to Earth and appears largest in the sky, earning it’s nickname “Supermoon,” and also passes in the Earth's shadow to create a full eclipse of the Sun. Occurring on September 27th, Slooh will also be broadcasting a special show covering the event, delving into the Moon's history and how it affects us day today.

For more information and to view the events, check out, or watch right here:




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