Oregon Police Ask Beachgoers Not To Play With Hand Grenades

"The devices are white in color and have a label attached to them that reads 'Warning Explosive'."

James Felton

James Felton

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clockOct 11 2022, 13:10 UTC
A white cylindrical device, reading "warning: explosive. Simulator hand grenade, M116A1 firing instructions.
Not what you usually find on the beach. Image credit:

Oregon police have issued a warning to beachgoers: do not play with the grenades. The Newport Police Department was forced to make such a warning after several explosive devices were found washed up near Agate beach.

The police department headed to the area on October 4, after several reports of the devices being found by members of the public in the area between Agate beach and Yaquina Bay State Park. After inspection, the Oregon State Bomb Squad was called in to seize the devices.


"These devices are white in color and have a label attached to them that reads 'Warning Explosive'," the department said in an alert

"The label clearly states the item is a Simulator Hand Grenade M116A. If you encounter such a device, please do not handle or attempt to move it. Call the police to report the device's location."

The label photographed states that the device is a simulator hand grenade, as well as giving instructions for use. The grenades are used for training, designed to get soldiers used to the "sights and sounds of battle in a non-lethal format", according to the manufacturer. The devices flash, and generate at least 125 dB, simulating live grenades. 


While not as lethal as grenade grenades, non-lethal weapons can still do some damage, and are thus not a recommended beach toy.

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