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The Oddly Fascinating Story Of A Guy Who Overdosed On 25 Laxative Brownies


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockOct 3 2017, 18:02 UTC

My kidneys hurt just reading it. Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

Laxative-eating competitions rarely end well. In fact, their entire purpose is to end horribly. However, as one daring teenager found out, the reality is a lot grimmer (and definitely more interesting) than you might think.

YouTuber Chubbyemu brilliantly tells the story of one young man's idiotic run-in with a pile of laxative-laced chocolate brownies and his poor, poor kidneys.


A teenager known only as BG and his friends challenged each other to eat 10 brownies, each with around two over-the-counter laxative tablets crushed in. The first two people to poop would have to complete a dare. After appearing to win the contest, BG got cocky and wolfed down a grand total of 25 brownies. That’s approximately 50 laxative tablets.

The next chapter of the story is fairly predictable – a lot of sitting on the toilet. While that would be unpleasant enough for most, things quickly go from bad to worse. This foolish move sparked a trail of events starting with massive dehydration and low potassium. It led to rhabdomyolysis and acute kidney injury. If left in this condition without aid, “your body, down to its bones, will rot away and eventually you'll die in a pool of your own waste that should have been in your urine," Chubbyemu explains. Nice.

Due to intervention from doctors, the teenager was able to recover. It is certainly not a pretty tale, but it is riveting. The moral of the story? Seriously, don't eat 25 laxative-laced chocolate brownies.

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