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CERN's Latest Experiment Has People Concerned That They're Manifesting Hell On Earth


Jonathan O'Callaghan

Senior Staff Writer

Hello it's me, hell. Kawin Ounprasertsuk/Shutterstock

The other day we bought you news that scientists working on the ALPHA experiment at CERN had observed the light spectrum of antimatter for the first time. Now, a website is claiming this discovery is a manifestation of hell.

I don’t really know how to continue after that. So here are some quotes from the story by Christian Truther.


“We have exposed how according to Manly P Hall, master mason, and Luciferian initiate, the use of magnetism in magic traces back to magnetic conjury in Egypt.”


“Antimatter is the opposite of matter, it isn’t physical, it’s spiritual, and it’s all around us. It’s also quite elusive and chaotic.”

That’s almost right.


“As the machines are able to trap and contain chaotic antimatter, they are able to study it, bringing them one step closer to manifesting it physically.”

Getting a bit better now. But then it gets a bit more difficult to read and I want to stop. The site says that the scientists at CERN are trying to prove supersymmetry, which isn’t completely wide of the mark. Then we get:

“[The scientists] see themselves as god on earth and think that their actions are replicated by a god in ‘heaven.’”



Then the article starts talking about hell or something, and about manifesting hell on Earth. Don’t really know what that’s all about.

“CERN is building the kingdom of the antichrist, hell on earth.”

Almost at the end of the article now. There are actually bits of science smattered here and there. They discuss finding the light spectrum of antimatter. And how scientists are analyzing data at the moment. And how this antimatter finding was one of CERN’s most significant discoveries in 2016. Then we get to:

“Get ready for a chaotic 2017 as they use what they found to manipulate our world.”


Then the article ends. Still, haven’t worked out if it’s a joke or not. Maybe. Just to clarify, CERN is not manifesting hell on Earth.


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