NFT Collector Accidentally Sells $1 Million Drawing Of Rock For Less Than A Cent

James Felton

James Felton

Senior Staff Writer

clockMar 14 2022, 16:52 UTC
rock drawing NFT

A different drawing of a rock, not worth $1 million for reasons crypto fans will explain to you at length. Image credit: AlyonaZhitnaya/

An NFT collector has accidentally sold an NFT, which they meant to list for $1.2 million, for about $0.

NFT trader Rock Dust wanted to sell their etherrock NFT (for those uninitiated, yes it is just a picture of a rock) for 444 eth, currently valued at $1,143,082. Instead, they listed the jpg at 444 wei – the smallest unit of ether currency – which works out to be less than one cent. Previous pictures of cartoon rocks have sold for $1.7 million.


Before they realized their mistake, the drawing, which the trader says was pretty much their entire net worth, was snapped up for next to nothing. The sale is there for all to see on blockchain records, Vice reports.


"In one click my entire net worth of ~$1 million dollars, gone," the collector tweeted. “Is there any hope? Am I GMI? Can snipers show mercy?”

In a followup tweet, Rock Dust confirmed that they had contacted the buyer.


"Hello ser," they wrote in the post. "Can you return the etherrock? I made a huge mistake. Your bot snapped it up in the same block as my transaction so I never had a chance. I hope you can find it in your heart to show mercy, please?”

No updates have since been made by Rock Dust, though his message was met with several scammer bots offering to refund his money if they got in contact.

This isn't the first big boo boo in NFT history, even this year. In January, a group of crypto enthusiasts purchased a copy of the book Dune, believing it would give them copyright with which they could make Dune content. It did not, in the same way you can't pick up a copy of Lord of the Rings and then make your own movie.

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