New Israeli Military Tech Can "See Through Walls"

The radar-based system can identify adults and children within a room through the walls.


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clockJun 27 2022, 15:01 UTC
See through wall
The Xaver 1000 can map out the room behind the wall. Image Credit: Scott Norris Photography/

A new Israeli military technology is claimed to be able to "see through walls" by using an AI-based tracking system to distinguish moving and static targets behind thick walls. Designed for use by the military, law enforcement, and aid workers in disaster relief, the Camero Xaver™ 1000 claims to be able to produce high-resolution images of objects behind a wall when held up against it.   

According to Camero Tech, the portable device – which requires little-to-no training to use – can penetrate everything from thin plasterboard to reinforced concrete. Able to detect individual body parts and whether a target is an animal, child, or adult, the device will be used to identify the positions of people within a building.  


The technology was shown off at Eurosatory 2022, reports Shepard Media.  

As with all military technology, there is extremely little known about how the Xaver™ 1000 works. It has a 25.7-centimeter (10.1-inch) display that is held against the wall you wish to "see through", and a foldable antenna surrounding it. Camero state it uses AI systems to track patterns behind materials and provide a layout of the room, plus items inside, but that is just about all we have at present. 

Delving deeper into Camero’s tech, they state their products use radio waves to penetrate through walls, an idea that is not new. However, radar is extremely low resolution when passing through walls, as heavy materials distort the waves and the device struggles to piece together the little information they have. According to Camero, their products seem to have solved this issue by increasing resolution to the point of identifying fine movements, allowing AI to do the rest of the heavy lifting.  


The company states that while they can’t offer the full X-ray vision package, they are certainly close.   

“Although we get close to that, it’s quite unlikely that we’ll be able to claim we can truly ‘see through walls’ by using radio technology like super-realistic images as we can see with our eyes. But can we get a clear picture of the exact scenario behind the wall? Here, the answer is certainly positive,” writes Camero Tech on their website.  

Below is a video depicting the Xaver 800, another product that uses similar technology.


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