New Flying Car On Sale Requires No License To Operate

If you've seen how bad people are at flying drones, you know this will go swimmingly.


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockAug 8 2022, 09:49 UTC
flying car
Beep beep - run! Image Credit: DanieleGay/

A new flying car touted as the “future of air travel” can travel at 63 miles per hour (101.4 kilometers per hour) and stay airborne for up to 20 minutes thanks to a Tesla battery pack – but thanks to US regulations needs no license to fly. That’s right: you could zip around in a one-person flying car without a pilot’s license or even a driver’s license. 

The eVTOL (meaning it can take off and land vertically) Jetson One flying car has been slimmed down to such a low weight –  just 86 kilograms (190 pounds) – it is classified as an ultralight aircraft. Ultralight aircraft require no license to operate, meaning the car will have both a low barrier to entry, but may also make for a pretty terrifying sight in the sky. 


Perhaps luckily, current US regulations ensure none of these aircraft can be operated near urban areas and definitely nowhere near airports, so flying car use cases may be limited for now. 

The Jetson One can be ordered for personal delivery (though the 2022 production is sold out) for a cool $22,000 deposit and $70,000 final payment. Though, that isn't too bad at the current price of cars. 

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