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New COVID-19 Symptom Becomes One Of The Most Common

COVID-19 symptoms are changing rapidly.


Jack Dunhill


Jack Dunhill

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Jack is a Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer for IFLScience, with a degree in Medical Genetics specializing in Immunology.

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

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COVID-19 continues to mutate and change. Image credit: ker_vii/ 

A new health survey has found that the top COVID symptoms are still continually changing, with an altered sense of smell now reaching the top 10 symptoms most people will experience.  

ZOE, a company that has continually polled COVID-19 patients to understand the disease and guide policy, has released their monthly Health Study as of December 5th, and it shows that while some symptoms have continued from earlier variants, others are creeping up in frequency. 


Still sitting at the top spot is a sore throat, followed by a runny nose, and then a blocked nose. These have remained relatively consistent, but there has been a larger shift in the overall top 10, which has seen “traditional” symptoms such as fever, loss of smell, and shortness of breath disappear and newer symptoms come to light. Muscle aches, headaches, and a hoarse voice are now more common, but the new one entering the list is an altered sense of smell. 

If you’re looking to know more, Professor Tim Spector from ZOE has released the above video explaining the recent COVID-19 trends, as well as some Christmas food tips for good measure. 


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