NASA's Space Capsule For The Moon Landings Now Has "Party Mode"

Space journeys can be long, so sometimes you need a party to spice things up.


Jack Dunhill

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clockDec 1 2022, 17:02 UTC
space capsule looking out to space

I guess this would be a...Space Jam? Image Credit: Paopano/

Space tourism is looking to boom in the next decade, but frankly, companies have some work to do to make the journey interesting. Yes, you are leaving the planet and entering space at around  28,000 kilometers per hour (17,000 miles per hour) on a hydrogen-powered fireball, but the trip can take a while and humans have a short attention span. 

Luckily, NASA’s Orion capsule for the ongoing Artemis I mission has that covered – it now comes with a “party mode”. When they’re bored of the once-in-a-lifetime views and intense danger, the astronauts aboard will be able to use their built-in Callisto voice assistant (or Amazon Alexa, in this case) to make the RGB lights go full disco mode to liven up the journey. 


The Orion capsule will be the first to have such funky lighting options, likely because it wasn’t the first thing that occurred to prior rocket engineers.  

Take a look below as the engineer asks Alexa to go “party mode” in a blatant display of product placement, but it’s a disco in a space capsule, so we’ll allow it. 

Hilariously, the Lockheed Martin Space account is now taking color requests for the capsule, which can be found on their Twitter.

[H/T: Futurism]

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