Musk Subpoenas Ex-Security Chief Whistleblower In Battle For Twitter

The courts are heating up.


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockAug 24 2022, 16:35 UTC
twitter with elon musk
The fight for Twitter continues as Musk subpoenas the whistleblower. Image Credit: Sergei Elagin/

As the Elon Musk vs Twitter drama continues to unfold, Musk has now subpoenaed Twitter whistleblower and former head of security Peiter Zatko, ordering him to attend court amid allegations of the platform lying to government regulators and failing to investigate its alleged bot problem. 

The subpoena comes after Zatko submitted a complaint to Twitter bosses over alleged security problems that could pose a threat to both users and nations, an array of vulnerabilities that senior executives are covering up, and a failure to investigate accounts to a sufficient degree that they have any idea how many bots are on the platform. This was originally reported on by CNN and the Washington Post.


Of course, the complaint was music to Musk’s ears, with bots being a central issue in the battle for Twitter. The Tesla and SpaceX boss originally agreed to purchase the company for a rather extreme price, before backing out of the deal. Twitter has since countersued Musk in an attempt to force the billionaire to pay the full sum after the ordeal resulted in a significant stock loss. 

In response to the whistleblower, Musk tweeted out saying “So spam prevalence *was* shared with the board, but the board chose not disclose that to the public …”. 

Musk’s lawyers stated they had already summoned Zatko for deposition prior to the release of the complaint, and it is unclear if and when he will appear in court. 

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