Modern Day Henry VIII Recreated With AI, And He Doesn't Look Happy About It

"He looks like you've just spilled his pint."

James Felton

James Felton

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clockAug 25 2022, 11:58 UTC
A portrait of Henry VIII in red and brown robes and enough jewels to buy Kent
He looks much more at home in the past. Image credit: Public Domain via Ann Longmore-Etheridge /

An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated image has given us a glimpse of what King Henry VIII of England would look like in the modern world, and he does not look comfortable with the circumstances.

AI-generated imagery is getting spookily good. As well as producing never-before-seen demons from hell named Crungus, they are able to produce some pretty impressive results, particularly by the leaders in the field Imagen by Google Research and Open AI's DALL-E 2.


Both systems use a blend of natural language processing AI with massive image training sets to produce extremely impressive results, whether you want to see a painting of a fox sitting in a field at sunrise in the style of Claude Monet or a majestic oil painting of a raccoon Queen wearing red French royal gown.

People have used simpler models – Dall-e – to make some pretty weird and wonderful creations.

It's unclear which AI was used to make the image, but one Redditor by the name of Lord_o_the_North decided to put Henry VIII into the modern day. 

It's fair to say he does not look happy with the situation, but don't feel too bad about it as he did kill a significant percentage of his wives.


"He looks like you've just spilled his pint," redditor certified_big_dog replied, accurately.

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