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Certain Men Really Oversell Their Penis Size, According To Bizarre Survey


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer


This is a carrot, not a penis. If your penis looks like this, go see a doctor immediately. Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Men lie about their penis size a lot more than they should. It already looks like some sort of demented sea creature that evolution forgot, so we don’t see how boasting about what lengths (hah) it’ll go to to impress a date will do to help – but no bother.

It’s not difficult to find evidence for this trend all over the place, but for some reason – definitely not for publicity reasons – the hook-up website decided to ask 953 of its male users from all around the world the size of their penis when it’s standing to attention.


Collating this data, they then asked 762 women on the site what the penis size was of the last man they had sex with, and where they came from. By plotting these averages against the sizes given by men from the same country, the brains behind this scheme got a rough idea of how much men from various nations were overestimating the scale of their biological achievements.

Of course, there are a few problems with this. Do women at some point during coitus say “HOLD IT,” whip out a measuring tape, and double check? If so, then that’s news to all of us at IFLScience.

And surely to check if there’s overestimation, you need to measure the penis sizes of the guys that initially made the claim to having impressive members, not just ask random people about rough penis lengths of men from the same part of the world.

No matter. This is definitely unscientific, but here are the “results” nevertheless. Australian men overestimate their penis size by around 17.5 percent, whereas men from the Land of the Free bump up the numbers by 8.3 percent. Globally, men seem to fictitiously increase their length by 5.6 percent, so well done to those in the UK, who only boost their boner by around 3.6 percent.


For some reason, those in Canada and India quote penis lengths as being 1.6 percent and 3.8 percent lower, respectively, than they “actually” are. Canadians, you are just too polite, do you hear?

Anyway, take all this with a massive pinch of salt. Either way, if you are one of those nefarious people that does lie about the size of their penis, stop, you strange human. The other person will most likely not care at all about this bit of information, or they will eventually find out you’re lying. It’s not exactly rocket science.


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