Marmot Adorably Ruins Time Lapse of Glacier National Park

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Lisa Winter

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1814 Marmot Adorably Ruins Time Lapse of Glacier National Park
Greenpeace USA

Greenpeace USA started out with really great intentions. They set out to make a time lapse video at Glacier National Park in order to show the landscape in all of its glory, and  to criticize oil drilling on public land. However, the artistic direction of the film was overthrown by a curious little marmot who decided to upstage the mountains. 

If you’ve had a really long week at work and need a way to kickstart your happiness for the weekend, this will definitely do the trick:




The folks at Greenpeace apparently weren’t too disappointed by the marmot’s cameo, and have even adopted it for the mascot of their message:

“But let’s be fair about this. This marmot took a minute out of its busy day to show us some love. It’s time for us to do the same. Global warming is shrinking marmot habitat — alpine tundra. Help protect his home from climate change.”

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