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Man Pronounces Name of Longest Protein

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739 Man Pronounces Name of Longest Protein

Your TTN gene is responsible for encoding a very important protein which allows your muscles to be passively elastic. This is the largest naturally-occurring protein that has ever been discovered. Depending on how the protein was spliced, it could have as many as 33,000 amino acids. Such a massive protein must have an equally massive name, right? Scientists call the protein: Titin. But wait, there’s more.

The chemical formula for the protein is C169723H270464N45688O52243S912. If you’ve taken Organic Chemistry, then you know you are in for a real treat in pronouncing the IUPAC name. It is 189,819 letters long, which could make it the longest word in the English language. Some linguists debate this point, since it is a technical name and is not found in dictionaries. 


A man named Dmitry Golubovskiy has recorded himself pronouncing the entire proper name for Titan; a feat which took him about 3.5 hours. Over the course of the video, you can actually see him growing a beard as the clock behind him slowly ticks along, and the flower next to him has literally been bored to death. (Okay, not literally. Lighten up, folks)

Check out the video, and feel free to check out the document underneath so you can follow along!


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