Is Logic Flawed? Find Out More In Issue 13 Of CURIOUS – Out Now

Is age biological or psychological? Can you buy real estate on the Moon? All this and more exclusively in the latest issue of our free e-magazine.

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Learn more about logic and how it sometimes falls short.

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Issue 13 (August 2023) of CURIOUS is out now, bringing you science highlights for the month plus deep dives into intriguing topics, interviews, exclusives, diary dates, and explanations for some of Earth’s most perplexing natural phenomena and landscapes.

In This Issue


OUR COVER STORY: Is Logic Flawed?

Paradoxes have long posed a problem for our view of the world – perhaps the solution is a less binary understanding of logic.

DEEP DIVE: Is Age Biological Or Psychological?

How much of aging is down to changes in our bodies and how much of it is down to mindset?

WE HAVE QUESTIONS: Can You Buy Real Estate On The Moon?

The legalities of setting up shop on our satellite are just as complicated as you might think.

WHERE ON EARTH: An Underground Galaxy Of Glowworms

The Waitomo caves in New Zealand boast a unique luminescent display of glowworms – and some killer acoustics to boot.

Exclusive: Meet Author Gloria Dickie and read an excerpt from her new book Eight Bears: Mythic Past and Imperiled Future

Plus: News, diary dates, what to see, watch, and read this month, and much more.

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