Influencer Explains Why She And Her Boyfriend Ate Part Of Her Knee In A Bolognese

She had a damn good reason.

James Felton

James Felton

James Felton

James Felton

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A spaghetti bolognese.

She served up a spaghettknee bolognese. 

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Spanish social media influencer Paula Gonu has claimed that following surgery on her knee, she served up a spaghetti bolognese for her and her partner using the discarded cartilage.

Thirty-year-old Gonu told the Club 113 podcast (full episode in Spanish below) that she had required surgery on her knee for an injury, and the surgeons had offered to let her keep the soft cartilage known as the meniscus, found on the side of your knees. She said yes, and the surgeon placed it in alcohol in a sealed container to preserve it.


“A week later, I was with my partner at the time, having a jokey conversation," Gonu said, according to a translation in the Indy 100. "I told him I wanted to eat it because it was part of me and I had to put it back in my body.”

"Then I made a Bolognese and put it in and we ate it," she added, explaining, “I wanted to be able to say in my head that I’ve eaten a piece of my own meniscus.”

No notes have been provided about how this non-traditional addition affected the flavor. 


Though not exactly encouraged, there are no specific laws against cannibalism in countries including the US, UK and Germany. Where cannibalism has taken place, say after a murder, the person is usually charged with other secondary offences, such as murder. Or, as was the case when one man ate a "willing" victim, “murder and disturbing the peace of the dead”.

In the US back in 2018, one man claimed to have served up foot tacos to his friends following an amputation. Ten friends had agreed to sample his foot in taco form, and he hired a chef for the occasion. 

 "It had a very pronounced, beefy flavor to it," the Redditor told Vice. "The muscle I cut was tough and chewy."

Only one guest wasn't able to keep it down, spitting it into a napkin rather than eating it. Perhaps they should have gone Italian.


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