These Are Some Of The Strangest Medical Cases Of All Time

Doctors see a lot of things that most of us wouldn't want to. hxdbzxy/Shutterstock

Josh Davis 26 Sep 2018, 15:49

The human body is incredible. But it is also pretty damn weird, and the more we look, the stranger it becomes.

No one is more aware of the weirdness of the walking bags of bacteria we call humans than doctors, who usually have to deal day in day out with fairly standard conditions. Every now and then, though, a patient will baffle even them.

Here we have rounded up a handful of some of the strangest medical cases we could find.


Hairy Eyeball

The tumors can contain a wide variety of tissues, including hairs. Fard et al. 2013

Tumors have been known to grow hair (and even teeth) before. But this young man had what was thought to be a benign tumor on his eyeball, until it started growing in size and sprouting several thick black hairs.

Known as limbal dermoids, the tumors are thought to contain tissue that is normally found in other parts of the body. This can range widely, from simple connective tissue and fat to more complex structures such as sweat glands, bone, and even brain tissue. The guy in this case had had the tumor on his eyeball since birth, during which time it had not bothered him.

Usually, the tumors in these cases don’t affect vision, as they are not covering the center of the cornea. But after his began to grow, the man in this case decided to get it removed as it began to cause discomfort and loss of vision.

Tattoo Erection

The doctors don't recommend getting tattooed on your penis. POPKOV ALEKSANDR/Shutterstock

Priapism, in which the penis becomes erect due to reasons other than sexual stimulation, is not unusual. What is unusual, however, is for priapism to be caused by a penile tattoo.

That is exactly what happened to a poor Iranian gentleman who decided – for better or for worse – to get the Persian phrase for “good luck with your journeys” and the letter “M” (the first letter of his girlfriend’s name) permanently inked on his wang. For eight days he experienced pain in his penis as he suffered a deep tissue bleed, before developing a permanent semi-erection.

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