South Korea Puts On Brilliant Drone Light Show To Promote Wearing Masks

Jack Dunhill 08 Jul 2020, 17:07

As one of the easiest ways to help stop the relentless spread of coronavirus (or any virus) across the world, scientists and governments are desperate for as many people to wear face masks as possible. Campaigns have ranged from sarcastic signs aimed at those that don’t wear masks, to everyone's favorite uncle, Tom Hanks, having stern words, to businesses outright banning people without them.

South Korea is trying a more creative approach. In a stunning display of gratitude towards medical personnel and members of the public, South Korean officials put on a 10-minute drone show that lit up the sky in Seoul. Three hundred drones were programmed to create aerial images showing the importance of wearing masks and washing hands, thanking medical workers, and displaying various messages to the impressed onlookers.

The show was an incredible display of technology and quite simply awesome to watch, but it also carries an important message – wear masks and save lives.


The world can learn a lot from South Korea’s response to coronavirus. Despite a huge surge of cases early on, the government was quick to follow WHO guidelines and test a vast number of people a day. Testing stands were set up in public places, and contact tracing was conducted on any suspected cases. As of July 7, South Korea had just 285 confirmed deaths.

South Korea’s success may also be due to the huge response by the general public in wearing masks. According to Statista, 70 percent of people were wearing masks in response to Covid-19 as early as February 2020, which is significantly higher than the rates seen in the UK and US even today. Masks are a proven way to limit droplet transmission of viruses, and act as one of the most accessible ways for the average person to help in the fight against Covid-19.


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